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Dermatologist in Norwalk
Dermatologist in Norwalk

The skin is the largest organ in the human body as well as being the most visible. Protecting it from skin diseases and treating those that do occur is the job of our dermatologist in Norwalk. Our board certified dermatologist Dr. Charles G. Halasz, MD has been helping the people of Norwalk and the nearby communities have clear healthy skin since 1984. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing caring, compassionate care of the skin in a friendly, soothing environment. Our doctor evaluates skin health as a mirror of the health of the rest of the body, working closely with other medical specialist whenever necessary.

Our dermatologist in Norwalk offers a complete range of dermatological and skin care services. Our most important service is a periodic complete examination of the whole body to check for the presence of any skin condition, especially the presence of skin cancer or anything that can potentially turn into cancer. Early detection is key to the successful treatment of skin cancer. One of the most common services our practice provides is the treatment of acne. Acne is not just a condition that affects teenagers it can strike at any age. Treatment ranges from the use of topical cleansers and preparations for milder cases to the potential use of oral isotretinoin in severe cases. Hair loss, whether due to alopecia or hereditary issues is of great concern to many patients. Strides have been made in helping patients slow the hair loss and start the re-growth process, depending on the exact nature and cause of the problem. Eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo are all skin conditions that have long brought stress to those suffering from them. While they have traditionally been treated with topical treatments our office is one of the few area practices that can also treat these ailments using newer phototherapy techniques. For the treatment of sun damage that can lead to actinic keratoses or pre-cancer our practice uses photodynamic therapy, applying special lotion to the area and then exposes it to a visible blue light. This is one of the most effective treatments for the condition.

Our dermatologist in Norwalk offers also a number of aesthetic services including Botulinum toxins to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, fillers for augmentation of the cheeks and lips, as well as laser removal of unwanted hair, pigmented and vascular lesions, acne and scars. We also use Rejuvaden, which is a micro-needling system for natural repair of lines, enlarged pores, scars and other problems of the face. Our practice offers ear piercing under sterile conditions as well. Please make an appointment with our office for a body scan as the first step to the health of your body’s most visible organ.

Charles G. Halasz, MD
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Norwalk, CT 06851
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