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Eczema Treatment in Norwalk

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Eczema in Norwalk

Eczema treatment in Norwalk
Eczema treatment in Norwalk

Eczema, which is clinically known as atopic dermatitis, occurs when your skin becomes irritated and inflamed. Causing itchiness, it is a condition that requires the specialized attention you get here at the office of Charles L.G. Halas, M.D. and our eczema treatment in Norwalk.

The exact cause of eczema remains unclear, but it is often linked to hay fever and asthma, as well as dry skin in general. It may have an association with immune system function, too. Risk factors for it include stress and emotional problems. Typically, the effects of eczema will appear on the arms, elbows, behind the knees, or in the creases of the eyelids. It can develop on any part of skin, though. You will likely notice lesions, which can become numerous in more severe cases, covering a great deal of the surface area of your skin. Thickened skin might develop, and there can be cracks in it and a scaly appearance. Rawness and sensitivity are not unusual, and you could seven observe small, raised bumps that can leak fluid and form a crust. The natural inclination is to scratch when you are experiencing itchiness, but doing so can make a bad situation worse, and even lead to infection of the skin. Instead, come in for our eczema treatment in Norwalk. As part of your visit, your skin will be examined and a medical and genetic history will be taken so that any possible links can be identified. Our dermatologist will discuss the treatment options that are appropriate for your situation, and work with you to develop the most effective strategy. In addition, there will be a focus on preventing future occurrences.

Take advantage of our eczema treatment in Norwalk. Don’t let it get the better of you. Contact our office today and schedule an appointment.

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