Norwalk eczema doctor

Norwalk Eczema Doctor

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Eczema care in Norwalk

Norwalk eczema doctor
Norwalk eczema doctor

Eczema is a common skin condition that typically affects arms, elbows, behind the knees, and the creases of eyelids. Here at the office of Charles L. G. Halasz, M.D., you can depend on expert diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment for the irritation and inflammation that eczema results in.

The precise cause is not always easy to pinpoint, though it is commonly believed that eczema originates from dry skin or as a complication brought on by immune system response. Heredity may also play a role, as can stress. There may also be a link with asthma and hay fever. As part of the diagnostic process, our Norwalk eczema doctor will take a medical history. The most obvious symptom is itchiness, but among the others are lesions that spread over a wide area of skin. Scratching is a very bad idea, though we understand how tempting it can be. Infection can be brought on by scratching. Be on the lookout, as well, for skin that has thickened or cracked, is scaly, raw, sensitive, and that has small, raised bumps. Fluid may leak from those bumps and a crust can form. Our Norwalk eczema doctor conducts a thorough examination and will discuss the possible treatment options with you in order to promote the quickest and most effective outcome. Topical medication is often successful in providing necessary relief. In some cases, oral medication may be recommended, especially in more severe cases. Other possibilities include antihistamines for itching, and antibiotics for addressing infected skin tissue. What is of the greatest importance is to not ignore the situation. Working with a specialist makes a big difference.

Contact our office right away and schedule an appointment to come in and see our Norwalk eczema doctor. The sooner you reach out, the more quickly you will see and feel improvement.

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