Norwalk Mole Removal

Norwalk Mole Removal

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Getting Rid of Moles in Norwalk

Moles, which are also called nevi, are very common. The majority of adults have moles. People who have light skin typically have more of them. This is normal. However, new moles and changes to existing ones in adults could be a sign of melanoma. Patients who notice changes to their moles or notice new ones should see an expert dermatologist for a Norwalk mole removal consultation and evaluation.

Occasionally moles will evolve into other more serious lesions and may require an examination for early detection of skin cancer. If you notice any changes to existing moles or if you notice any new ones, please call our office right away to book a Norwalk mole removal consultation and evaluation. You’ll be in good hands with our expert dermatologist. Dr. Charles L. G. Halasz is a highly qualified, experienced doctor who is fully equipped to handle mole removal. During your evaluation, Dr. Halasz will meticulously examine all of the moles and will determine which moles, if any, will need to be removed. You can rest assured that you’ll be well taken care of by our highly credentialed, highly regarded dermatologist. Dr. Halasz is an exceptional physician who is compassionate, caring and very generous. Dr. Halasz was awarded the Patch Adams Award for Distinguished Community Service. The Patch Adams Award is for physicians who demonstrate care, compassion and community. Dr. Halasz gives back to the community by offering his services to disadvantaged patients for free through a non-profit organization. Dr. Halasz believes in giving back to the community and in helping people. He is an exceptional role model in his field. He is a doctor because he is truly passionate about helping people. When you come to our practice, you’ll benefit from our expert’s compassion, dedication and expertise.

If you have a new mole or you notice a change in you mole, don’t wait. Call our office right now to book your Norwalk mole removal evaluation appointment.

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